Master "Bones" Jangle


 Master "Bones" Jangle and The Voodoo Island Cannibals

Master "Bones" Jangle was found stranded, stark naked and painted like a skeleton on a lonely beach at the bottom of a cliff off the coast of Africa by a crew of pirates. "Bones" is a Shantyman by trade, however the position of Surgeon was the only one available so he accepted and took on his new duties with incredible enthusiasm and although the ship occasionally ran low on crew members there never seemed to be a shortage of meat. From his travels in Africa, of which he speaks elusively, "Bones" claims to have been trained in the arts of Voodoo, Shamanism and Witchdoctoring and has developed several recipes for meat that will leave one drooling and begging for more. Although he often sails with other pirate crews "Bones" has many private ventures and spends his time pursuing his own interests. After many run-ins with the authorities while on his own in several countries "Bones" sought respite on a solitary and unapproachable island with submerged rocks and reef surrounding it making it near impossible to reach. "Bones"  purchased the island from another man and dubbed it Voodoo Island. When he arrived at Voodoo Island he was greeted by the natives who immediately deferred to him as their leader. Isolated from the world Master "Bones"  Jangle began to develop his own sound, and now he travels through different dimensions using his unique brand of sorcery living the life of a pirate and singing about it!

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Master "Bones" Jangle and The Voodoo Island Cannibals