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"The Steampunk Ball [at All-Con] was the highlight for many.  For those many, they all  needed a good dose of caffeine, because this ball did not end at the stroke of mid-night.  Oh no!  It started at mid-night. One of the opening acts for the ball included Bones Jangle.  Bones, never fails to satisfy his listeners.  For all those who love a good toe tapping, dancing shanty tune, this is the performer for you.  His raspy voice crows above the crowds taking them from the dance floor and to the aether of their favorite airship." -Elaine Turner, Top Hat Exchange


"Master “Bones” Jangle & The Voodoo Island Cannibals put on quite a show. I had the great pleasure of seeing them perform at Aetherfest, Texas’s first Steampunk Convention, last month.[...] “Bones,” on top of being an excellent performer and musician, is a really great guy. Genuine and kind, it was a true pleasure to make his acquaintance, and I look forward to seeing him and his band at many future events." -O.M. Grey, Author


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Master "Bones" Jangle and The Voodoo Island Cannibals